Inglasco Fire Systems B.V.

  • CO2 installations
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Breathing apparatus
  • E.E.B.D escape sets
  • Compressed air cylinders
  • Fire man’s outfits
  • Water mist installations
  • Life rafts
  • Life jackets
  • Immersion suits
  • Foam installations
  • Foam liquid analysis


Inglasco Instruments B.V.

  • Portable gas detection equipment
  • TankTech instruments
  • TankTech spare parts


Fire systems and instruments

Inglasco Group is a major player in the marine industry delivering fire and safety equipment. Providing maintenance/service on-board sea going vessels and a specialised instrument repair service.

Marine industry

With a total of 12 staff Inglasco Group has established itself in the marine industry with a reputation of being a reliable and skilled company. The team consists of experienced service engineers who will take care of your vessel.

Inglasco Group

Originally established in 1995 as Inglasco Fire Systems to service ports in the Netherlands and focus on the provision and maintenance of fire and safety equipment. The company expanded in 2006 with the Instruments BV division to also offer a highly specialised instruments repair service and inspections on board.

24/7 Service

Inglasco Group is based in the port of Rotterdam. The gateway to North-Western Europe. Inglasco provides services from the North of Germany all up to the French coast. Beside the standard product line Inglasco also provides loan equipment directly available from stock.

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