Vivar Forwarding and Warehousing offers a competitive and efficient form of warehousing. Use our warehouse capacity for storage and as distribution point for 3rd party suppliers. Let us take care of storage, stock control and all other supplies the vessels may need. We offer our customers the possibility to arrange their orders to the Vivar warehouse and also the collection and storage from other suppliers to eventually deliver all orders combined to customers choice of destination.

  • Private storage space for complete management of your supplies
  • Effective and cost saving
  • Possibility to take over your entire stock management
  • FAS deliveries in ARA region combined with Vivar orders
  • 2600m2 of warehouse space available
  • Additional 3000 m2 outdoor space available

Forwarding & Transport

Integrated transportation with our Forwarding services. Global supply chains demand smart transportation services. We combine outstanding transportation operations with a deep understanding of your products and to provide you with flexible, reliable and cost-saving forwarding services. Let us take care of the deliveries to any choice of location worldwide. Working together with our customers, we develop the most appropriate service for your needs.

  • Transportation – Select the right service level or let us take care of the delivery ourselves
  • FAS delivery – Direct deliveries from our warehouse directly to all vessels in the ARA region
  • Forwarding – All your received 3rd party supplier goods can be shipped directly to your choice of destination
  • Cost saving – Sharp and economic price levels for our services

FAS deliveries

We provide all kind of galley/kitchen equipment, everything from glass to spoons, plates to saucepans, or cloth and linen products.

  • A large fleet of delivery trucks and vans available from our office
  • Direct deliveries to vessels for all ARA regional ports
  • Free deliveries possible combined with Vivar orders
  • Deliveries of other suppliers against sharp transport costs
  • Weekend Service

Barge Service Rotterdam

Vivar offers a competitive Barge service within the Rotterdam harbour we offer service for delivering spares alongside sea going vessels.

For this service we use a 600 ton barge capable of loading between 100/130 pallets. Barge is equipped with a crane of 28 meter able to lift upto 8 ton. Next to that is the barge equipped with cooling or freezing units to deliver frozen or fresh cargo.

Spares, provisions and other supplies can be delivered at our barge partner with whom we have an agreement to accept and load/discharge spares/provisions.

  • Competitive Barge service within the Rotterdam Harbour
  • Supplies ordered from Vivar can be combined with supplies from 3rd party suppliers as 1 delivery
  • Cost efficient and time saving
  • Flexibility with deliveries

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